Why we think Geography is just about where places are

December 8, 2020 5:18 am


Geography is quite a relatively new discipline in terms of academic study. In modern times it focuses a lot on climate change and the environment impact that humans are having on the planet. It also looks at how humans move and how they work in the world around them. However the persistence theme that people think geography about is where something is. Why we think that this is the case comes from the 1800’s and the reasons that geography suddenly became very popular as a subject.

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It is basically all the fault of the German’s and the French. In the 1800’s the two great countries contested a part of Europe known as the Alsace-Lorraine. It’s a rather weird part of Europe that is both very French but is also very German. The people living there are also confused as it has changed hands between the two many times. Currently it’s part of France but both languages are taught and accepted. France first lost it in 1871 and the defeat was put down to the troops and conscripts not being able to read the maps or landscape to take advantage of it. Therefore afterwards this new field of landscape and land study geography suddenly became important.