Why blogs are good for carers

April 22, 2020 12:20 pm


Caregivers can often feel like they’re doing it all alone. You might know other carers, but the business of daily life does not allow time to meet with others who are facing the same challenges. Many caregivers go online to look for contact from others to light their way.

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Seeing the experiences of others can have a considerable impact, because studies show that carers cope better when they have more confidence in their handling of the daily grind of caring. Even though you know better than anyone the specific problems you and your loved one must address, you can still learn a lot from other caregivers and experts. For information on getting help with care, such as Live in Carers, visit a site like Liveincare.com, suppliers of Live in Carers.

Fortunately, more and more carers are sharing their own experiences and insights through blogging. These sites not only provide useful tips and techniques, they also invite you to get involved in an online community and support system – which is very helpful, particularly if social isolation is a problem. Most people these days have a smartphone, tablet or laptop, for example so it’s easy to connect with others through carer blogs. It is also possible to ask the blogger or reader questions directly via the comments section or via email.

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What qualities do the best blogs share? They let us know that we are not alone. They give a chance to connect with those dealing with some of the same issues and worries that we experience. Blogs allow us to remember the reasons we care in the first place. They give us a chance to take a breather, remind us that we are OK and invite us to join along in someone else’s journey.