What to include on your website

September 2, 2020 6:34 am


Having a website is important not only to help you build more customers but also as a way of proving that you are a legitimate company. Having your website designed by a Yorkshire Web Design company means that you can have the best of web design as well as knowing that all relevant security measures will also be put in place. For example Etempa Yorkshire web designers can help you with web design, hosting and even search engine optimisation for the site.

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There are some important elements that you need to ensure you include in your web design. Here are a couple of them for you to have a think about.

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Contact details – it is important that people can contact you and displaying these details on your website is incredibly important. You may think that having them at the bottom of your website sufficient but people very rarely will scroll to the bottom of a pager.Therefore it is much better for you to have your email and telephone number at the top of the page and also to have a contact us section on your website that is clearly marked.

Services – in order for people to be able to see what you offer you should have a services page on your website. This is where you can talk about your business and what you offer and how your services help your clients. You may also want to include some testimonials on this page.