What is Brise Soleil?

August 6, 2020 4:56 pm


Brise Soleil is an architectural design feature of a structure that decreases heat in that structure by deflecting sun rays from a room back outside. In the past vertical Brise Soleil have been used more commonly in commercial buildings. It was more effective at reducing heat in a room. Find out about Brise Soleil at a site like Aluminium Systems, a leader in Brise Soleil systems.

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Brise Soleil is typically constructed by attaching two metal brackets to each side of the structure. There are many different styles of Brise Soleil, each one having different advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages of using Brise Soleil is that it makes the rooms in the building cooler because of its structure. On the other hand, it can also cause problems if the brackets are not installed correctly. Some Brise Soleil designs are designed in such a way that they require that the bracket is bolted to the structure on all sides. If this bolt system is not installed properly then it will allow the bracket to move out of the way when heat rises. The result of this will be the room getting warmer than it should.

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Vertical Brise Soleil can be found in many different styles of buildings. They are popular in places like restaurants and hotels where hot rooms can be a problem during the summer months. They are especially popular in office buildings that have high ceilings. This design can be extremely effective at reducing heat loss during the winter months in a structure as well. These devices also make excellent features for houses because they can provide air flow without having to install any kind of venting system.