What furniture do you need to include in your office reception area?

May 11, 2020 2:37 pm


When it comes to planning out your office reception area you will want to make this as inviting as possible so that it feels light and airy and welcoming to all those you visit your office. There are a number of items of furniture that you might want to consider including.

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  • Desk – Having a reception desk is not only important as somewhere for your receptionist to work from but it helps to give your visitors a place to go when they first step foot inside your office.
  • Reception Chairs – The right Reception chair can make your office inviting to those who are visiting. It is important for them to have somewhere to sit whilst they are waiting for their meeting to start.

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  • Coffee table – you might like to have a small coffee table or two located next to the chairs in your reception area so that you can place some marketing material on there for them to have a look through whilst they wait.
  • Tea & Coffee Machine – nothing is more delightful than being able to get yourself a cup of tea or coffee from a dispensing machine whilst you are waiting to be collected from the reception area.