Survival in Style – The Increasing Popularity of Luxury Bunkers

June 16, 2020 12:40 pm


Bunkers are not a new fad. News reports over the past few weeks have described President Donald Trump going into his bunker as riots broke out near the White house (he later said he was just ‘inspecting’ the bunker) but bunkers have long been in use to protect civilisation should everything go wrong.

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During the second world war, air raid shelters were constructed to protect families from bombing campaigns – in the UK Anderson shelters were put up in back gardens, and in London, the underground served as the perfect bunker, protecting families from all over the city.

The cold war saw bunkers head deeper underground, as they had to contend with the potential deadly blast and fallout of nuclear weapons. Air filtration systems, as well as food supplies lasting for weeks, if not months were stockpiled. These were mostly to protect councils, and government officials.

During the 1990s, many of the old bunkers were forgotten about and fell into disrepair. Some were purchased and restored, and some served as storage facilities for local councils.

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Recently, there has been a rise in doomsday preppers – and the rich and famous have got in on the act. Luxury bunkers are big business. When the apocalypse comes – whether it is global nuclear war or catastrophic climate change disasters, some people will be surviving in style. Luxury bunkers are big business, with many celebrities snapping one up, equipped with swimming pools, home comforts such as ambient lighting and column radiators – these are virtually unrecognisable compared to the cold war bunkers of yesteryear.