Remember Kevin Costner as a bodyguard?

June 19, 2020 10:24 am


When we think of bodyguards, the famous Hollywood movie starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner most likely springs to mind. Either that, or the recent TV drama set in London with some very dramatic and tense scenes depicting terrorism and politics!

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The Bodyguard was a 1992 classic combining romance and aspects of being a thriller. The film was an acting debut for the iconic singer Whitney Houston who played a famous singer (not too difficult a role for her). Costner was cast as her protection, a secret service agent turned bodyguard who is tasked with protecting her from a stalker.

Whilst real-life protection jobs are perhaps not as exciting all the time, the role of the bodyguard remains as important today as it did back in the 1990s. Perhaps even more so, as technology evolves and so does crime and threats to high-profile individuals. Find out more about Close Protection London at a site like

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Not many people know that the original story was written during the 1970s for a possible casting of Diana Ross with Steve McQueen. The 1992 film became a massive hit and grossed $411 million from global sales at the box office. This made it the 2nd highest grossing movie of that year, as well as the tenth highest grossing movie of all time.

The soundtrack of the film did almost as well, with 45 million copies selling across the world. The soundtrack won Grammy Award for Album of the Year. The movie was a success, despite critics giving it some negative reviews for the quality of the acting.