Life in Roman Gloucester

May 2, 2020 2:43 pm


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Gloucester first came to prominence during the Roman Empire, when it was known as Glevum. It was the perfect location for them to set up a major fort as it was located close to the River Severn at a point that was easy to cross. It is this scenery and location next to the River that draws in people looking for work, places to live and Park Homes Gloucestershire such as when looking for a place to retire.

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In around 49 AD the Romans built a fort in the areas we now know as Kingsholm as a way to protect the river crossing and then in 64 AD they built a new fort in Gloucester centre in what we now call the 4 gates. You can still see remains of this in the Eastgate underground chambers. By 75 AD the soldiers had moved on from the Gloucester fort but the site remained as a town for soldiers to retire too and the town became known as Glevum. The forum occupied the centre of the town and a marketplace that was filled with shops and public buildings surrounded this in the trademark Roman grid pattern.