Can the Doctor ever be stylish?

May 7, 2020 3:05 pm


For someone who travels in time and space the Doctor has made some terrible fashion decisions. Garish coat’s, massive scarves whatever the weather, Cravats, bow ties and a Fez all seems to cloud the mysterious Gallifreyans judgement. He/She should just stick to a nice set of Farah Shirts from and stop mucking about. What are his/her’s best and worst?

  1. Doctor 1 – William Hartnell. This Doctor was finding his feet and could be a grumpy and so. He rocked a nice Victorian look that suited the Black and white era the show started in. Verdict Good.
  2. Doctor 3 – John Pertwee. Keeping with the Victorians with the advent of colour television this Doctor wanted to go full on with crushed velvet smoking jackets and cravats. He was nicer but strangely more menacing. Verdict Good.

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  1. Doctor 4 –  Peter Davidson. Tom Baker was always going to be a tough act to follow but dressing the Doctor as some strange Cricket obsessive  in flannel trousers? Verdict –  Unsure.
  2. Doctor 5 –  Colin Baker. Poor Colin Baker. An over the top, but not bad, actor at the best of times, this crazy harlequin outfit was way too much and did him no favours. Verdict  Never again!

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  1. Doctor 9 –  Christopher Eccelstone – Black leather jacket, black t-shirt and nice pair of black jeans. “Hello Rose Tyler. Run for your life!” Verdict –  Sub Zero Cool.