Boiler noises and how to fix them

September 15, 2020 10:41 am


Have you ever sat down watching the television in the evening and heard water gurgling through your radiators? It is quite normal to hear quiet gurgling as water moves through your radiators to heat them and warm your home during the cold autumn and winter seasons. However, if the noises that come from your heating system are loud, constant or generally worrying then you should contact a Boilers Gloucester company to come and diagnose what might be causing the noise and fix any problems that may be occurring in your system. Here are a couple of the noises that you might want to keep an ear out for and the ways in which the heating engineer may look to fix them.

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Vibrations – these kinds of noises often come as whooshing sounds or vibrations and they can be very disturbing to hear coming from your boiler and heating system. It is important to get these noises checked out as they could be problems with the air intake/flue or the air filter. Whilst these issues are not dangerous, left unfixed they could cause more problems and damage in the future. The main issue that causes this kind of sound is a blockage that affects the flue or air filter. The foreign object or dirt and dust that blocks them can easily be removed and the noise will subside.

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Gurgling – again this isn’t necessarily a major issue but it should be looked at. Normally it will either mean that your radiators need bleeding and that air in your system needs to be released. Or it could be as a result of the water pressure in your system being too low which again can be easily checked and changed.