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May 6, 2020 11:38 am


Anybody looking to join one of our elite armed Forces will have to take several academic aptitude and fitness tests as well as attend an intensive face to face interview. Most new recruits will join the Force of their choice straight from school or after University.  As long as you have a minimum of two A levels and you pass the aptitude and fitness tests you can enlist. Once accepted, whichever branch of the Armed Forces you join will send you on basic training courses.

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There is plenty of online advice on how fit you need to be and a basic level of health and fitness will be required. You will want to excel and show the other trainees and Officers watching that you are the best new recruit they have. The ability to be at the top of your chosen field of expertise is like being at the top of any online search engine, enlist on a SEO Training Course and you will be top of the Google ladder in a flash.

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Any of the Armed Forces that are recruiting will look to see what interests and extracurricular activities you took part in at school or University.  You will need to be able to think for yourself, take the initiative, show courage, lateral thinking, yet be able to work together in a team.  Resilience, leadership skills and a natural ability to adapt to any situation you encounter is essential.