All about rivet shelving

May 6, 2020 2:54 pm


Rivet Shelving is a common form of shelving used in warehouses and it is incredibly flexible in its uses and is available in a number of different shapes and sizes which makes it perfect for the growing warehouses. It can be put up in no time at all and can hold heavy loads.

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Rivet shelving is incredibly strong as a result of the steel that is used and it compromises a  number of connectors. The vertical posts have holes that the shelf beams then slot into with the connectors making the structure incredibly strong and secure. Gravity forces the button connectors on the shelf beams into the holes on the vertical posts which is what allows the shelving to then take heavy loads across the length and height of the overall shelving units.

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The shelving is incredibly versatile in that the shelves can be placed in a variety of positions allowing for larger and smaller shelf capacities depending on what you need for the products that you store and the box sizes. It is a system that can very quickly grow with you as your need for more space grows due to an increase in your business demand.