Gloucester Docks and The Quays

June 28, 2022 7:08 am


Now a thriving hub of restaurants, bars and retail outlets, Gloucester Docks and The Quays brings hundreds of tourists and locals into this multicultural City on a daily basis. Sadly, this was not always the case and there was a time {not so long ago} when the Docks was a deserted almost derelict area of Gloucester and The Quays not even on the map!

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Before any building work could take place and the old warehouses transformed into the fabulous new apartment blocks they are today, the ground would have had to be cleared and maybe the soil tested for contamination by a professional company specialising in Contaminated Land Remediation such as . Nowadays, the Gloucester Docks holds many colourful festivals, fares and community events that bring people and money into the city.  One such festival is The Tall Ships, several large traditional sailing vessels travel to the city from far and wide, coming majestically into berth besides the converted old warehouses that are now home to hard working, city couples

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Incredibly in the midst of all this hubbub and excitement sits the small, old, beautiful Mariners Church, with its stained glass windows and traditional style wooden pews. Opened originally back in 1849, the church or chapel as it was then, was a temporary refuge and home to seamen from all over the world.  The word of God and the teachings of Jesus were supplemented by giving out over 2,000 copies of the bible within its first five years.