Take a look at Rubber injection moulding.

June 17, 2020 1:02 pm


There is a high demand for rubber injection moulding in industry. There are several companies that can accommodate your need for Rubber Mouldings and can turn these around relatively quickly. The process of rubber injection moulding is a relatively simply industratail task. Rubber as a natural resource has been with use for over eons years since its discovery by ancient South American tribes. Most, if not all, rubber is now synthetic.

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The process begins with the mould itself. This will have been designed to your specific specifications so that the items you need are produced to the highest quality and standard that you would need and would expect.

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The Rubber itself begins in pellets form. This is superheated so that it takes on a liquid molten form. This is then injected into the mould at high pressure and speed. Due to its molten state it will then flow into the moulding occupying every part of it. The process of chilling the rubber back to its solid state begins. Chemicals are also added at the molten stage to give it strength for when it is in use.

Rubber is a relatively hard wearing, but malleable, substance that should last for many years.