The benefits of using a florist for your flower choices

September 28, 2020 2:16 pm


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Anyone can pop down to a supermarket and grab a generic bunch of flowers but there is a better choice. A Tewkesbury Florist such as The Flower Shed offers so many more services and the benefits to using them are numerous.


Knowledge – Florists are usually specialists in their field and have a great deal of knowledge around  plants and flowers. They know which flowers are best in which seasons and they also know which flowers work best together in terms of their colours, size and shape. Using a florist for your arrangement and flower bouquets means that you get this specialist knowledge as standard.

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Products – the range of products that a florist offers is staggering. You can go and pick your own stems of flowers to put in your vase at home, ask for a bouquet of your favourite flowers to be put together or perhaps a bouquet as a gift for a loved one. If you are getting married they can create the flower arrangements for your reception as well as your bouquet and buttonholes. When looking for a wreath for a funeral you can also go to your trusty florist.


Range – as florists tend to buy their flowers from wholesalers they will have access to a vast range of flower types. If you are looking for something a little unusual or different to everyone else they will probably be able to find it for you.