Where does waste wood come from?

June 1, 2020 2:02 pm


Many millions of tonnes of wood waste are created every year, and this does not include green waste. So, where does all this waste come from?

Construction industry

Wood waste is generated from various types of building sites, as new construction and renovation, equating to nearly 1 million tons every year. Most of this waste ends up in a skip with all other waste. Reusing construction wood waste is challenging because it consists of various types of wood, such as solid wood, laminated chipboard, MDF, and plywood pallets, for example. This makes it difficult to recycle by conventional means, as different types of wood must be recycled in different ways.

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Demolition waste

Every year, the demolition of buildings generates the same amount of waste wood as the construction industry. Many demolition materials are found at salvage and reclamation yards, things like bricks from chimneys, for example. In terms of the re-use of demolition wood, factors to be considered include safety and efficiency. Find out more about Demolition Bath at a site like https://www.davidhortoncontractors.co.uk/demolition/demolition-bath/

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Wood processing and manufacturing

This waste comes from places such as lumber mills, production of furniture, joinery workshops and other types of timber manufacture. Some of these small businesses produce only small amounts of waste and often find it easier to transfer the surplus wood for firewood, for example. The wood is also quite clean and not mixed with contaminants, making it easier to recycle.