What is Wild Swimming and How do you Get Into it?

June 30, 2022 8:06 am


One of the best forms of exercise that benefits your body in many ways, is swimming. Whatever age you are, swimming is something that can help you – for children, swimming lessons like these Mansfield children swimming classes www.swim.co.uk/baby/venues/mansfield are a great way to get into swimming and build confidence in the water early on, but if you are a latecomer to swimming, there are also plenty of adult swimming classes, as well as groups like aqua aerobics that are great for building confidence in the water and helping you to develop your swimming skills.

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Something that is getting more popular away from the indoor swimming pools is wild swimming. This is basically swimming in natural bodies of water outside, from lakes and rivers to the sea. To make sure that this is something that you can enjoy safely, it is important to make sure that you are a strong swimmer before you go ahead and try it out. Bodies of water can be dangerous, and things that you may not be able to see, such as strong currents, hidden rocks and the cold can be dangerous, especially when you are not aware of them.

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When it comes to finding a good place to go wild swimming, there are many things that you can do. Getting to know other people who enjoy wild swimming is a great way to start. Joining a group that discusses wild swimming will be able to help you with locations, as well as tips and hazards to look out for in specific areas. Books and online guides are also a helpful source of information.

One of the good things about wild swimming is the fact that it is free and accessible to anyone who can swim. However, there are some things that might be good to have to help you to feel more comfortable, especially if you are just starting out. A wetsuit is a good idea, particularly in the winter when the water can be very cold indeed! On this subject, it is also advisable to take a towel, a flask of hot drink and some food for after your swim to help you warm back up. When it comes to accessing the water, special shoes that protect your feet are also a good thing to have.