What are fatbergs and why are they an issue

May 26, 2020 3:01 pm


Our home drainage systems can easily become overwhelmed by the amount of hair, dead skin cells and other products that end up slipping their way down the pipes. One of the worst culprits for clogging your drains is that of the fatberg. Not only can they cause issues in your domestic pipes but they can cause issues further down the pipe network and result in the services of a Drain Lining company to be needed to repair the damage.

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But what are fatbergs?

Fatbergs are made up of congealed fats, oils, and grease that have formed a solid mass. This is often due to people pouring these oils down their sinks. It is thought that as much as 48% of people still pour their cooking fat down the drain rather than disposing of this in a tin can.

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These fatbergs can range from just a few centimeters wide that cause blockages in your domestic pipes right up to those of a substantial size that can block entire sewer systems. They can cause damage to pipes that will then require repair and as more and more fat is poured down the drains the congealed ‘icebergs’ of fat grow ever larger and larger.