The Duke and The Anderson Tapes

June 21, 2022 2:10 pm


Sometimes criminals just can’t help but recommit a crime. If it’s all that they know, then it’s the path they are destined to follow. Take, for example, John “Duke” Anderson. He has just served ten years in state prison. Anderson is a safecracker, and he wants to get back into the game pretty much immediately. He manages to hook up with his ex-girlfriend, Ingrid. She is living in a very expensive Manhattan apartment block. Anderson decides he is going to rob the place, and he duly comes up with a plan.

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What marks the film “The Anderson Tapes” is that it shows the role of surveillance. The Federal authorities are pretty sure that Anderson is going to re-offend, so they start an intensive series of surveillance of him from the moment he leaves the jail. It’s not as good as what they could have gotten from using a CCTV Cheltenham based firm like

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Anderson is confident that he can pull off the job, and he begins to assemble a team. Unfortunately, the Mob get involved and insist that Anderson employs one of their own men to make sure that everything is running smoothly. As they have invested in the plot, they want to make sure they get their money back. This gets the Federal agents even more excited as they now not only have Anderson on tape, but they also have a major Mob player being filmed as well.