Oceans 11 old and new

May 28, 2022 2:56 pm


It’s not only Banks that have to make sure they have decent security in place. One of the most cash-rich places on Earth is Las Vegas and the Casinos that make up the famous city. It’s a city that never sleeps. It is constantly lit up with huge illuminations and attractions that can keep anyone busy for days and nights on end. In fact, there are stories that the Hotels pump pure oxygen into the rooms to keep people awake, and play the slots. It’s certainly true that there are no windows, or very few so that people lose a sense of time.

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Stealing the money is a very difficult enterprise and would need very careful planning.  It’s exactly what Danny Ocean and his 10 accomplices do to Andy Garcia’s Hotel manager. In the end, it’s just a way to win his wife Tess back (who is Julia Roberts, so you can see the attraction). It involves a Chinese acrobat, and a clever baggage switch plus an EMP generator so powerful it hasn’t been invented yet.

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The original Ocean’s 11 team, led by Frank Sinatra, just blow up the local power station to get the same result. They then drive all the loot out in garbage trucks. Not that any of these heisst matter. With  AML ID VERIFICATION, like that from W2 Global,  the thieves would face serious questions as to where they suddenly got all the money.