How do the pros keep cool?

September 7, 2020 2:20 pm


Ever wondered how the tv pros manage to keep their cool? Ask yourself this question,when have you ever seen a newsreader sweat? It doesn’t matter what horrendous event it is they are reading out they never start to sweat. The same is true with chat show hosts. If a bead of sweat were to appear on Holly Willoughbys brow there would be an uproar. Same with Graham Norton. As he and his A to C listers pass judgement on the public that sit in his big red chair none of them are bothered by perspiration and Richard Ayoade wore a full suit and tie!

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The answer is simple (or in Richard Ayoade’s case he just seems to be that cool and detached naturally). It’s not that they are uber confident. It’s not because they’ve all had Botox on the head (which is a sure fire way to stop excessive sweating) nor is it a massive strength antiperspirant being applied (although all those things are used) the simple fact is that the on stage aircon is whacked up to the max and directed straight at them. Just ask this Air con Gloucester firm and they will tell you, it’s the best way to keep cool,

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To be fair they are all under a degree of pressure. Celebs have to look perfect and any degree of weakness is poured over by the mainstream media and trolled through social media like there is no tomorrow. The problem is the extremely strong lights that they have. These huge beams radiate so much heat it’s like a furnace.