A few ideas for Father’s Day.

June 3, 2020 10:38 am


This June sees one of the most important and celebrated family events of the year, Fathers Day. What can you get for the man of the house that hasn’t already been bought? Does he have enough pairs of socks (probably but you can always do with a few more). Does he want beer or wine? (most certainly, but that doesn’t seem like a good idea). What can you get him that won’t get him all annoyed for the rest of the day? It might be time to think outside of the box.

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  1. National Trust membership. He’s always going on about the past and watching the History Channel. Why not get him, and the rest of you when you make it a family membership, a few nice days out in the year.
  2. Aran Sweaters. Without doubt one of the most stylish and age appropriate bits of clothing that you can get him. Why not think about some socks to match it? It’s slightly outside the box…

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  1. An experience day. Why not go the whole hog and pay for him to drive around Silverstone or a smaller track in a Ferrari,or something similar, for half the day. There are other experiences you can get him to do, like Sea fishing for example.
  2. An electric piano. He thinks he’s musically gifted, let’s see him prove it.

Some of these could even be fun for you.