Your garden is history

January 5, 2021 6:55 am


When you look out onto your garden you probably don’t realise that in fact you are in a piece of History.  Although it may not be the classical gardens of Versailles, although it may not be the formal gardens of Penshurst, although it may not be the Rolling Hills of Stourhead your garden is still an echo of them.  We are all influenced by Gardeners and garden designers down through the centuries.  So it might surprise you to find that in fact what you have in your thinking and your Design is just trying to create those little bits of garden history and what we’ve had before.

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Gardening only really became a phenomenon that it is today from about the 1950s onwards.  Before then the garden was usually devoted to food production. This was easier than being able to go to the market and if there were  hard times then you were quite able to rely on your own produce rather than anyone else’s.  This was especially true during the second world war with the drive to “Dig For Victory”.

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However from the 1950s onwards there was a massive change.  Peace suddenly allows the garden to become based on flowers, shrubs and bedding plants rather than potatoes and cabbages.  Depending on the size of the garden this drives what design you have.  For the most part those with the smaller garden are going to end up recreating the formal design.   Whatever happens you’ll need Mountfield parts and DIY spare parts to keep the lawn in shape.