Why A Boiler Service Is Essential

June 2, 2021 3:05 pm


Boiler service is one of the most important aspects of home maintenance and is often neglected by many homeowners. If you own an older gas boiler then you are at risk of overworking the boiler and causing it to overheat; this could result in serious injury. Boiler service also ensures that the system is working properly so that you don’t waste fuel or face costly appliance failure. Home boiler service is usually carried out by specialist engineers who will carry out a thorough visual inspection of your boiler to identify any potential problems and check that your boiler is working correctly.

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Boiler service can either be carried out by a Gas Safe certified technician or by an engineer who specialises in boiler service like those from Boiler Service Cheltenham company Blu Fish. An annual boiler service will begin with a visual examination to make sure that your boiler and other related pipework are correctly installed and placed. Your technician will then test the main water supply and any radiators to ensure there are no leaks and identify any potential problems. After the visual inspection, your technician will carry out routine maintenance work such as carbon cleaning, pumping oil if required, and a few minor repairs.

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The Gas Safe Engineer will use a computer imaging system to identify and locate all of the most common issues with your boilers and will carry out scheduled maintenance checks for all issues on an annual basis. This ensures that all of the most common servicing problems are addressed on time, reducing the risk of any further complications. You should always consider calling a qualified gas safe engineer to carry out any servicing work on your boilers, as experienced engineers are highly trained and skilled in boiler servicing and repair.