What to Do When Your TV Has No Signal

July 29, 2021 1:27 pm


There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting down on the sofa with a much deserved cup of tea after a long day at work, you turn on the TV to watch your favourite series, and it says it has no signal. Fortunately, there are things you can do to fix this and prevent it. I’ll give you a few ideas that will hopefully solve the problem.

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Check that the cable of the aerial is connected properly. It is possible that the cable has fallen out of place. If this happens, the TV will not receive a signal. All you have to do to check this is look behind the TV and look for a loose cable. If there isn’t one, move on to the next possible problem.

If a loose cable is not the problem perhaps the source or input is incorrect. This is also sometimes called ‘AV’.  To check this, find the button on your remote that changes the input. Try each one to see if one of them is working.

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Another possible cause of a malfunction is if your TV is in need of re-tuning. It’s likely you tuned it when you first got it and you may have thought that you’d never have to do it again. However, channels such as the BBC have changed their frequencies recently, and with 5G network coming readily available everywhere, your TV might well need to be re-tuned.

Lastly, your aerial cable may be faulty. If the lead you bought is quite cheap or low-quality, this is highly likely, so I recommend investing in a good quality lead to prevent future problems.

If none of these solve the issues with your TV, it may just be your television or aerial. If you need to contact someone who installs TV aerials Cardiff, I highly recommend One Vision Ltd.