The need to expand the home

July 6, 2021 4:25 am


If. like me you feel the need for more space in your home, but moving to a large property is impossible then perhaps you could think about an extension. For many others the whole process of ringing up the mortgage company and going through the moving process with solicitors and valuation fees or mortgage brokers is just too much hassle. It might be better, and cheaper to add a few rooms on. It might even add to the value of the property making it sell for a much greater profit when you finally come to sell up and move on.

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There is a question of aesthetics.   Some extensions look absolutely terrible. The extension becomes an eyesore. However there is a great way around this. You can get a really good looking Timber Framed Extension from Timberpride. This will give you a fancy and very solid looking extension.

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What will you add on? A TV room so you can get the thing out of the living room? A dining room so that everyone has space at Christmas and family dinners. It would be nice to not be constantly rubbing shoulders with your relatives as you sit down for a meal. Perhaps a new downstairs toilet and bathroom/shower (none of us is getting any younger after all). Or maybe you can have the study and craft room where you can finally relax from the stresses of the world. Either way it certainly seems like the perfect option.