The Most Common Entry Points of Burglars

June 23, 2020 2:25 pm


The last few months we have all been spending A LOT more time at home. This has meant that it has been a lot more difficult for burglars to go about their business. As we head back to work, school and back out to socialise more, burglars will once again be looking for opportunities to enter the home. So, what are the main ways that burglars gain access and how can you ensure that your home is secure?

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The most common entry point in the home is the front door. Sometimes a bold burglar will just open the door and walk in – many burglaries happen whilst the resident of the house is in the garden. Make sure that you always lock your front door, even if you are home. Look into locks that are more secure and difficult for burglars to break open also by contacting someone such as this locksmith Dublin based locksafe.

The back door is also common as many burglars like to access the home through the back garden. This is because they have less chance of being seen this way. You can make your home less attractive to burglars by planting thorny and spiky plants around the perimeter of your garden, as well as making sure that your fences are high and difficult to climb.

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First floor windows are another popular choice. Many people thing that if a window is upstairs, then they can leave it open when they are out, but many burglars easily access the home through upstairs windows. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because a window is higher up that a burglar won’t get in.