The Importance of Kerb Appeal When Selling Your Property

December 21, 2021 1:19 pm


Kerb appeal is a phrase that refers to how inviting your property looks from the roadside to potential buyers and outsiders. It can include anything from general tidying-up to more involved maintenance work by professionals.

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If you’re considering a move and looking for conveyancing solicitors Guildford and other locations are home to a range of professionals. In addition, you might consider working on the kerb appeal of your property. This will present your property in its best light and assist greatly in securing the best possible price.

First Impressions Count

Try to envisage your home as it might look to an outsider. In addition to conveyancing solicitors Guildford is home to other professionals who may be able to help improve the kerb appeal of your property.

There are various ways that you can immediately improve the appearance of your property. For many things, you may wish to get professionals in for the best job. Some simple steps, such as washing windows, removing cobwebs, giving the front door a good clean and wiping dry to ensure a streak-free finish, make a property look inviting. Polish any brass, numbers, plaques, letterboxes and other door furniture for that extra touch. If the doormat has seen better days, consider replacing it. A thoroughly weeded path and garden and some careful garden maintenance can be very effective. If you can, move rubbish and recycling bins to the back of the property, out of sight.

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Get the Professionals In

Dispose of any rubbish correctly. For bulky items, your may need to contact your local council, use the local household recycling centre or utilise a licensed rubbish removal service.

If any exterior part of the property requires maintenance, get professionals to give walls, windows or fences a new coat of paint. According to The Mirror, buyers can offer up to £57,000 less on a property if they think it lacks kerb appeal.

With these sorts of sums of money, it is worth doing a little research to find out what can be done on your property to improve any potential viewers’ first impressions of your home. First impressions do count and can make or break a sale. Taking time to look at your property as though it was the first time will help you identify the problems, allowing you to rectify them in time for placing your property on the market.