No Fault Evictions and renter protection

June 15, 2020 4:36 pm


Renters often feel concerned about making any complaints about the property that they are living in, or their landlord for fear of being evicted. It is for this reason that it is important to use a Letting Agency Gloucester way that works in this sector when you are looking for somewhere to rent as they will provide you with more assurances.

The government has announced that it plans to change the eviction process used by private landlords in England to evict tenants at short notice.

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The changes would offer more stability to families who rent. Renters should be able to make a complaint about their rented property without fear of being evicted through the current Section 21 eviction process.

Current Section 21 legislation

Landlords in England and Wales can apply to the courts under Section 21 to evict their tenant without stating a reason, providing the fixed term of the tenancy has expired. Landlords can simply give two months’ notice to their tenant that they require possession. If the tenant does not leave within this timeframe, the landlord may apply for a possession order. The court must grant this order if the landlord provides evidence that they have complied with all statutory requirements.

The new process

The changes proposed by the government mean that the Section 21 redress will no longer be available to landlords. Instead, landlords who want to regain possession of a property will need to use the Section 8 process. This allows landlords to seek possession by citing certain grounds. Two month’s rent arrears, damage to the property and antisocial behaviour are examples of grounds in support of an application. Evidence can be recorded and collected using a property inventory.