How to create a country feel in your home

June 29, 2020 2:17 pm


If you always dreamed of creating an earthy, country decor, it does not have to be difficult. A country style is not only for rural properties but can be created in urban homes or flats. All you need to consider is a relaxed, rustic feel – whether modern and chic or retro and kitsch.

Pastel palettes

Choosing a light, bright pastel on the walls of every room is a great place to start. Think off-white, pale yellow, hints of pink and soft blue for the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. A simple decoration of some bunting, using natural fibres such as string or rope is another easy way to instantly bring some rustic charm.

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A simple base for any room is to paint the walls cold grey or white and make the floors dark and woody. For Engineered Wood Flooring, visit a site like Irwin Tiles, a supplier of Engineered Wood Flooring. Natural ingredients are essential for country charm, so consider furniture made of oak or pine, lots of greenery and fresh foliage and accessories made of wood, rope, spruce or cotton.


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Classic fittings

Country chic can be achieved by choosing classic fittings. For example, a beautiful roll-top, claw-foot bathtub and traditional pull-cord toilet water tank. Brass bathroom fixtures provide olde-worlde charm and stick to the wall panelling or painted wall tiles as opposed to modern. Breaking up a plain wall with painted motifs or stencil designs looks amazing.