Bad smells in your home?

July 23, 2020 1:01 pm


There is little more that’s satisfying than the aroma of a freshly cooked dinner … but only if it’s not mixed with smells from the previous nights. A box of baking soda is a great solution for keeping inside the fridge or freezer to soak up any sneaky aromas. Any food with a sharp smell can be double wrapped and kept inside a plastic container with an airtight lid.


How often do you clean your dishwasher? Probably not that often. Unless your household is one that needs to run the dishwasher every day, be sure to gently wash dirty dishes before placing them in the dishwasher to prevent sticking and smells building up.

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Blocked Sink

Make sure there are bits of food lingering inside your plug hole that might be causing foul smelling water to back up. For Blocked Drains Essex, visit a site like 3flow drainage, a leading Blocked Drains Essex company.


Almost anything can be cooked in a microwave so there are likely to be hundreds of smells circulating inside a compact space. Get rid of lingering odours by boiling one litre of water with lemon slices for a few minutes. Be sure to remove any stuck-on bits of food and leave the door open so that the microwave can air out.

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The best tip is to use a cleaner in the toilet bowl before the toilet starts to look grungy. To combat odour and stains for up to one week, using the scrubbing toilet cleaning gel. Once cleaned, pour 1/2 cup of bleach into the water. If your main concern is the smell, consider using a spritz freshener or some pot pourri to mask any lingering unpleasant odours.