Tips on bulking from vegan bodybuilders

September 21, 2020 5:22 pm


Advice on body building often includes instructions to eat lots of red meat and dairy products as the best sources of protein. In the modern world, however, the push towards plant-based diets is gaining momentum as a healthier, more environmentally conscious option. Luckily, it is possible to combine the vegan and body building lifestyles.

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Diet planning

The obvious first step is putting together a vegan bodybuilding meal plan that can provide you with variety and flavour as well as your nutritional requirements. White rice and pasta can be replaced by wholegrain versions. Popular ingredients include spinach, potato and beetroot, though as always moderation is key. You may be surprised by the range of exciting vegan recipes out there Meal replacement drinks can help make up any calorie deficiencies.


Putting together a good diet is no use if it is not supported with an appropriate physical training regime. This means making and sticking to a training schedule. You also need to be safety conscious, which means paying attention to joint mobility and flexibility as well as muscle.

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A heavy training regime means tired and sore muscles. Recovery can be improved by adding anti-inflammatories to your regular diet. Ingredients such as black pepper, flax seeds and turmeric can easily supplement a meal replacement drink and become part of a body builder’s vegan breakfast.


Some nutrients are easy to obtain than others in a vegan diet. B12 and creatine are two of the most important supplements that are otherwise nearly impossible to obtain in a plant-based diet. Without them, your recovery time is going to be slower and you may not reach your peak physical condition.

Mental attitude

One of the most important ways you can achieve a successful vegan life as a body builder is not physical but mental. The effect of a positive attitude cannot be understated. Mindfulness techniques can help stop you making futile comparisons to other bodybuilders and instead become more self-aware, with an understanding of your own needs and reactions. This in turn can help you control your own fitness plan and increase motivation. It is also important to maintain balance in your life – you still need to be able to prioritise your family and professional career as well as your fitness regime.

These tips are just a few of the ways you can make your vegan diet successful as a bodybuilder.