All you need to know about vacuum conveyors

May 13, 2020 1:00 pm


A vacuum conveyor like the ones you can find at is a piece of machinery that can be used by a number of different industries to move large quantities of products across a factory or industrial setting from one area to another.

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The system works by placing the material that is to be moved into the feed end of the system that contains an airstream. The pressure that is created by the vacuum pump then creates velocity for the materials to be sucked through the system until it reaches its destination.

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This type of conveyor can be used for food, chemicals and even in the pharmaceutical industry. Materials that can be effectively moved using this system include flour, salt, spices, sugar, plastics, paracetamol and other tablets. The list is almost endless. One of the reasons why these systems are so popular in the above industries is that they create hygienic environments where employees touch the items only at two points as necessary. It also means that dust and other particles cannot enter the products and the items can be moved incredibly quickly from one location to another.