Tommy Hilfiger Menswear – Re-Inventing Fashion

July 5, 2021 1:12 pm


One of the leading American fashion designers of a new generation, known for his iconic blue, red and white logo, renowned for his larger than life fashion shows and his popular brand Tommy Hilfiger Menswear is a household name with personal care, fragrance and home lines to his name. The brand has grown significantly over the years and is known for its unique styles, patterns, fabrics and accessories. Tommy Hilfiger began as a one-man operation based in New York City and has grown to include manufacturing facilities in London, Mexico City, Tokyo and Los Angeles. Hilfiger’s clothing lines are recognised world wide for their distinctive style and quality and have been sold in boutiques, department stores, departmental stores, boutiques, restocking centres and online at the world wide web. Try EJ Menswear for a great range.

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The current range of clothing offers classic and casual styles in a variety of fabrics and colors including, polyester, cotton and other durable fabrics. The hooded sweatshirt is a top seller with both the adult and youth versions and this can be purchased in various colors, as well as different sleeve lengths. The fitted trench coat is another best selling item of this iconic brand and is known for its classic look and design that are not only practical but also flattering to the body.

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Other items in this fashion house include evening wear such as t shirts, coats, gloves and shoes