A Short History of Denim

September 6, 2021 1:04 pm


When you look at today’s world of fashion, it’s hard to believe that denim has been around so long and still remains so popular.

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It was a Bavarian textile trader called Levi Strauss who first invented jeans in the 1870s. He had travelled to the American west coast as part of his haberdashery and textile trading business and met several gold diggers. He noticed their torn clothing and realised they needed a durable textile with lots of pockets for their tools. Blue cotton denim had been invented in Nimes almost a century before, and this is where the term denim derives from – de Nimes.

In 1873 Jacob W. Davis, who was a tailor in Nevada, made a pair of rivet-reinforced denim pants – the first on their kind. Levi Strauss had been supplying him with bolts of denim, but because of the popularity of the jeans, Jacob Davis moved his production to Levi Strauss’s facilities when he ran out of room.

Today denim and jeans remain a popular choice for style and durability.


Denim is a hard-wearing cloth and is suitable for a range of purposes. It is great for casual wear because of its durability and the riveted seams. If you’re looking for a great range of hard-wearing stylish clothing, including a great selection of denim garments, try looking at what mens Bugatti clothes have to offer. You can see a great range of smart and casual jeans in the collection of mens Bugatti clothes.

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Style and Tradition

Denim and jeans were so popular in the 1870s, as you can see in this short video clip showing the history of denim: https://uk.movies.yahoo.com/timeless-150-year-journey-of-denim-as-we-know-it-062514568.html. Since those early days, the range of jeans available has changed in terms of the different cuts and style, but they have kept a similar style with riveted pockets and sturdy seams.


As you can see from the great range of mens Bugatti clothes, denim is a versatile.

It’s easy to see why denim has remained so popular! You can easily team it with a t-shirt or sweatshirt for a casual look or swap it for a smart shirt, blazer and shoes for a smart-casual look.