2021 Summer Trends in Menswear

April 26, 2021 6:11 pm


Want to know what’s hot this summer in the world of menswear? Get your summer bods ready because you want to be rocking those rays in cool style.

Flower Power

Big in the 70s and still big now, the floral trend shows no sign of abating anytime soon. You’ll find floral designs on shirts, shorts and even classic tailoring this summer. Of course, to avoid looking too much like a pair of curtains, it;s always best to keep the florals to one statement piece.

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Vertical stripes

Forget the Breton t-shirts this summer as this year we are going for stripes in a whole new direction. Along with looking fresh and a new way to wear prints this season, vertical stripes are also a great way to look taller and slimmer with little effort. For all your Diesel Menswear, head to Louis Boyd


Mid Wash jeans

Traditional and dark denim are perfect staples for autumn and winter but when the sun shines, it’s nice to play with some new shades. This type of denim is a few shades lighter and still goes with everything, making it a casual must-have for days out this summer.

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Bermuda Shorts

Forget the budgie-smugglers – looking hot this year is all about those Bermuda shorts. Welcome back to the longer, wider shorts that we used to see as they make a comeback for most of the fashion houses this summer. Remember a couple of inches above the knee and you’re good to go. Any lower and it’s no longer a good look!