Tips for Leaving Home to Become a Student for the First Time

February 26, 2021 4:24 am


For many people, leaving home to study is a huge step towards independence and the first time that they have lived away from home. It is often accompanied by mixed feelings of excitement and nerves and can feel a little daunting at first.

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If you are soon going to be leaving home to embark on your studies or have children that will be doing so, here are a few tips for taking that big step…


The first thing to do is find your accommodation that you will be happy with. Most students live in special student accommodation such as this student accommodation Cheltenham based Your Perfect Pad. This is a great way to meet other students too and will be situated close to local amenities for students.

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Get yourself prepared and make sure you have the things that you will need. Many students living away from home for the first time so it is a good idea to take something with you that reminds you of home – you might also want to make a photo collage or album to take for when you want to see some familiar faces!


Look into the area you will be moving to and look for things that will interest you – there may be some groups or clubs that you can join, or maybe a sports team. This will help you to meet new friends and make the move easier as well.