What is marketing?

March 4, 2021 4:26 pm


You will be able to find hundreds of articles and thousands of books written on the subject of what marketing is and how best to do it. The best solution , rather than read all of this yourself a quicker and much more profitable solution would be to contact a Marketing Strategy Consultant. The job of finding a marketing strategy consultant has been made a lot easier for you if you click on the link provided here.

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Marketing seems very simple on the face of it. It is all about the processes of getting a product or a service to the marketplace so that you can sell it and make a profit. However the route that this process takes is not an easy one and this is where you will need to rely on the work of the experts and the consultants mentioned above to get there. Alternatively you could read through all the material on the subject.

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Effectively then marketing is about the smooth running and organisation of the process of business when it comes to the production and selling of the goods or service that you are looking to provide. It is quite wrong to assume that advertising is the same thing as advertising. Advertising is just part of the puzzle that makes up marketing. You can have the best advertising there is but how you get the product to market to sell is quite another matter. Good marketing is a mix of disciplines amalgamated under one term but it is still the essential part of the business that you are looking to run.