What Does a Surveyor Look at During an Inspection?

March 30, 2021 6:21 am


What does a surveyor look at during an inspection? What is included in the service record is what your home is actually evaluated for and what the scope of any repairs needed, so as to produce a true value quote for your home. A home inspection is just the same as any other service that is performed on any other building by someone certified to do so. The only difference is that a home inspector looks at every aspect of your home and then produces a written report of what was found so that you can have a better understanding of what is actually wrong with your home. For more information on a Building Survey Reading, visit Sam Conveyancing

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When a home inspector comes to your home, it is his or her job to point out the problems so that you can make the necessary repairs. Once the repairs have been made, a home service surveyor will again come back to your house and give you a second inspection report.

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What does a surveyor look for during an inspection? Everything! From the foundation to the attic, from the wiring to the siding, everything is included in the home inspection. There are even times when a surveyor is not able to get into a particular area because of the safety issues involved or if the building has too many obstacles or if there is something that the surveyor just does not see. In these situations, the home inspector may write a supplemental report that includes all of the information that the primary report did not include.