What Colours would be Useful in your Office?

December 16, 2020 2:58 pm


When it comes to the office it can sometimes be a bit of a boring place to work. Unfortunately, many offices are drab and dreary places, and this has an effect on the moods and work ethic of the staff who are working there.

If you want to add a bit more dynamism to your workplace then you need to cheer the place up a bit – de-clutter, invest in good quality office furniture such as these reception chairs from Bestbuy-officechairs, and add some plants.

Something else which has a huge impact and is fairly easy to do, is to add colour. Colour can change the mood in an office for the good – here is a brief guide to which colours affect us in certain ways to help you choose the colours you want in your office…

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Red – This is a bright and bold colour that makes us feel excitement and strength. A good place to use red would be in places where a lot of energy is needed.

Blue – This is a cool and thoughtful colour. It inspires logical thought and a cool head – perfect if you work in an accounting company for example or a legal office.

Yellow – This is the colour of sunshine and gets us feeling cheerful and positive. Use in spaces that you want to be bright and welcoming such as the reception area.

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Green – The colour of nature green helps us to feel calm and soothed. If you have people who may be nervous such as in a medical setting green is a fantastic colour to use.