What are the Qualities of Brass?

April 21, 2021 4:41 pm


Brass is one of the most durable and versatile materials that has ever been developed and used for anything. In fact, brass is still being improved upon today with innovations continuing in the metal industry. The history of brass goes way back to ancient times when it was discovered that the properties of brass were ideal for making many useful items. Brass was used in all kinds of ways from jewellery to pots and pans in the European and Asian cultures.

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The first wires that were made out of brass were for the purpose of wiring the rigging of sailboats. As time passed, wires were developed to be used in different industrial and domestic applications, including those used for electrical purposes. Brass wires were also used in the development of wires for motor cars. In addition, wires were also developed for use in telephone lines, railroad tracks, ship engines, aircraft motors and numerous other applications. Brass is a popular choice for industrial valves due to its strength and resistant properties. For Brass Ball Valve stock, visit Orseal, a supplier of the Brass Ball Valve.

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Brass wires have a tendency to be heavier than their steel counterparts. Wire is typically galvanized in order to protect the core, which contains the zinc coating, from oxidation. Zinc coatings on brass wire are shiny and non-reflective. Brass wire will also resist corrosion due to the presence of an anti-corrosive mineral finish. In addition, brass wire is very flexible and will not get caught up in machinery while still being able to transmit signals with ease.