What Are Health and Safety Regulations?

June 1, 2021 5:21 pm


The Health and Safety at Work Act of the UK was incorporated to protect all employees working in the UK from dangerous situations at work. The Act covers all aspects of occupational health, covering all employers and employees and even the environment in which they work. This Act has been implemented since 1970 and is the main regulator of work in the UK. It is a very important law in the working environment and all companies within the United Kingdom are required to adhere to it.

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It does not only regulate the actual employer but also the employees that are employed by them. It is necessary for every employee to have basic health and safety instructions and to abide by the safety and health legislation. Employers are obliged to ensure that the correct standards of safety and health are adhered to at all times and this can often be difficult to monitor. Many employees feel that if they report unsafe working conditions, they will be negatively treated by their employer. This could mean losing a job or not being paid for any time out sick or for any hours worked.

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It also looks at the requirement for occupational health support for employees and this is where a Occupational Health Wales company such as Insight Occupational health can help to ensure that businesses are doing everything they can to support their employees.

Employers are required to carry out basic health and safety training for all new employees and to ensure that this training is completed on site on an ongoing basis. Employees are expected to adhere to these regulations at all times and are held responsible for their own safety. All employees must be informed about the dangers of working in certain dangerous situations and how to avoid them at all times. This information should be passed on from employer to employee during a safety awareness programme. In the United Kingdom, this is carried out in several different ways.