Types Of Shelving Systems You May Know About

April 9, 2021 4:08 am


A shelving unit is typically a flat, lined wooden plane that is used to hold objects that are either being displayed, stored, or sold for sale in a closet or other room. It’s usually elevated off of the floor and usually secured/insured on its longer side with brackets or pillars. It may also be held up with adjustable shelves or rows of shelves. The object may be placed on top of the shelving unit, or it may have openings on its end or sides for racks or drawers.

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Shelving units are often stacked in tandem with other types of bin shelving such as pallets, which are stackable shelves designed for heavier objects. If the shelving unit is designed with racks or drawers, then that arrangement is often referred to as a bin shelving set. In many cases, several types of shelving are used together in the same room or area to provide an organized storage space. This organised storage often helps to conserve space and avoid the clutter that occurs when many objects are stored in just a few places.

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Pallet racking, on the other hand, is a storage system in which the object is loaded into a hopper that then transfers the object from lower shelves or racks to upper shelves or racks. This type of shelving is best for objects that are not sensitive in nature, such as paper, magazines, books, or other printed materials. For other types of materials, such as wood, metal, glass, or plastic, it would make more sense to install shelving over these materials. Pipe shelving is another example of a pallet rack. In order to see a full range of shelving options that are available you might want to consider visiting Rackzone.