The Importance of Security Seals in the Food Supply Chain

January 25, 2021 3:22 pm


Security seals are important from the point of view of protecting food from contamination. Chemical agents such as hormones, pesticides and antibiotics can be removed or altered with ease, particularly when the food is exposed to moisture, light and air. By using a seal to stop any air currents or light from entering a container, it becomes harder for any contaminants to enter and contaminate the food. The importance of security seals in the food supply chain becomes clear when one considers thow many stages there are in the supply chain and how many opportunities there are for the possibility of contamination.

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It is also important to understand that the type of food that is being stored will determine which type of seals are used. In the case of fresh fish and seafood, plastic seals are preferable to metal or mesh because of the danger posed by the latter’s chemical properties. However, this is not the case for meat and other items of food that need to remain sealed at all times. Metal seals are preferred in the storage of refrigerated items and other perishable items, such as ice cream, that tend to develop bacteria and other harmful microbes over time. The importance of security seals in the food supply chain cannot be ignored.