Signs That Your Business Data Has Been Hacked

April 7, 2021 6:29 am


Signs that your business data has been hacked in not just to steal your information and your money but to do other harmful things as well. Hackers will get into your system without your permission and they will access your customer’s private information and passwords. They can alter your records, delete your data and even take over the administration of your website. There are some common signs that your data has been compromised such as the change in your website’s content, alteration of login details and email address. It is therefore important to protect your business data from this kind of misuse because if you don’t you could be in serious trouble such as losing everything you have worked so hard for. For advice on Cyber Liability Insurance, visit JMP Cyber Insurance

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Some common signs that your business data has been hacked include changing the website address, using your personal information for purchasing goods or services, spamming your email inbox, altering your web hosting information and passwords. If you notice any changes in the web pages or in the way your site is viewed by the visitors, then it’s quite likely that your business information has been compromised. Hackers also use software like spyware and adware to spy on your business computer and your internet usage habits. You might also observe that you are receiving lots of pop-ups which don’t seem to have anything to do with your online business. These pop-up windows are actually spyware that has been installed in your computer.

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To keep your data secure all the time you should install firewalls and anti-virus software. Also you need to update your virus database regularly to make sure that your business computers are clean from any malicious software.