Job Hunting Top Tips

July 28, 2021 4:31 am


Whether you have just come out of education, have been made redundant or are getting back into work after time spent raising a family for example, if you want to find yourself the right job and start searching for employment here are a few top tips…

Write a CV – Most employers will want to see a CV so it is a good idea to have one ready. There are a lot of helpful online guides that can help you with this if you are a bit unsure where to start from. Bear in mind the sort of jobs you are going for and what your skills are and most importantly of all don’t lie on your CV!

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Consider the Qualifications that you Need – If you want to do a certain job but are lacking the qualifications, have a look into home learning and courses where you will be able to get these skills. You could also find a placement that will offer you an apprenticeship, so you learn whilst on the job.

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Go to the Right Places – If you have a particular role or career in mind, try to seek out the right places to look for these – there are specialised recruitment agencies for example such as this procurement recruitment agency and you can also phone companies or visit them to ask directly about vacancies that they may have.

Visit jobs fairs – With things opening up again now is the time to get out and embrace those jobs fairs as you may find something that is right for you that you hadn’t previously considered. They are a great way to gain more insight into an industry and to ask questions.