How to Manage Product Thefts

February 26, 2021 4:46 pm


In order for companies to successfully manage their product thefts, they must have a detailed inventory of every product that they distribute to their clients. This inventory must be made at regular intervals, which would determine when certain products are removed from shelves and placed in lockers. It is also important to monitor the prices of these products so that you know what to charge your customers if they notice a substantial increase on the price of a particular product that they had just bought from you.

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If you want to monitor these activities of your employees and see if there is any increase in the number of incidents of theft in your warehouse, all you need to do is install CCTV cameras in different locations within your facility. You can install these cameras in the merchandise storage area, stockrooms and employee break rooms. Having perfectly arranged shelving in the warehouse is another measure. This Ireland Shelving company offers the best approach to ensuring that your items can be clearly seen.

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If you want to know more about how to manage product thefts at your warehouse, then you should take a look at the management software that is available in the market. These software systems come with easy to understand instructions that make it possible for you to easily monitor the theft activities of your employees and prevent them from stealing your goods. The best part about using this software system is that all the recorded information can be stored on your laptop computer or tablet and you can access it from any computer.