Build your business with these tips in 2022

January 10, 2022 12:10 pm


2020 and 2021 were unpredictable years in the business world. With successful vaccine rollouts taking effect around the world, however, the start of 2022 heralds promising opportunities for businesses to take advantage of their recent experiences and build back better. Here are our top tips:

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Work from home

If there’s one key area in which the Coronavirus pandemic has pushed work culture forward, it’s work from home (WFH).

Most employees will have experienced a significant period of time, over the past 2 years, in which they were required to work remotely. As social distancing fades from our memories, business leaders need to consider how they’re going to manage their company’s office arrangements going forward.

The potential for remote work varies depending on the makeup of the business’ model. Some employers have seen significant advantages, whereas for others WFH has been impractical.

With many employees having cut their umbilical to the physical office, however, it is likely that hybrid arrangements will persist. This could be of benefit to employers’ bottom lines, however, enabling savings on overheads.

Keep track of costs

Speaking of overheads, the rising cost of fuel has led to a surge in energy prices across the UK, Europe and America. Companies should look for ways to mitigate the extra expense, such as by using Fuel Card Services to manage costs more effectively. Alternative means of payment, such as a BP fuel card, could save companies money against the average national pump price, and help a their cash flow via interest-free credit.

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Think digital

Intrinsically linked to the shift towards remote work has been the surge in demand for cloud management software. With a whole host of competing options now available on the market, the entrepreneurial business leader should consider how they can adapt their business to be operable anywhere, at any time.


It’s been a long time since companies were able to meet with their customers in-person. Take the opportunity to get out in front of customers again. Schedule meetings with existing clients to reaffirm relationships, and make an effort to meet clients who were onboarded digitally during the pandemic.

It’s also worth setting aside some time for employees to bond. Whether in the office, or away at a retreat, team building exercises will be crucial to re-establishing a healthy office culture in 2022.