The Main Causes of Vehicle Break Downs

July 1, 2021 4:48 am


Driving is a convenient way to get around, but when we have a vehicle break down it can be the opposite! Most people will have at least one breakdown during the time they are driving, but there are signs that you can look out for that indicate there may be a problem with your car. This will help you to lower your chances of breaking down.

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The clutch going is a big cause of break downs and when this happens you will need to be rescued by a recovery vehicle. However, if you know the signs to look out for that a clutch is on its way out you will be able to avoid this situation and get the clutch replaced before it breaks. Common signs that a clutch is on its last legs are not being able to change gear and the clutch slipping.


Wheels are another integral part of the car that are often the cause of a vehicle break down. The tyres can often be punctured by debris on the road, but you should also keep an eye on your tyre pressure and check the treads too. The wheels themselves can also become damaged and if you suspect a problem a specialist like this alloy repair Gloucester based company will be able to repair a wheel problem for you.

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Electrical faults are another common problem and can cause a lot of things to go wrong with the car. A mechanic will need to do a full test of your electrical system in this case to find where the fault is as there are many wires and circuits in modern cars.