How the first MOT test was received.

June 4, 2020 3:02 pm


When the Government announced that all cars over 10 years an older needed to be submitted to a test there was a bit of an outcry. Motorists saw this as an attempt to get the older cars off the road so that newer models would have to be purchased. This was not strictly true. The Tory Government was actually responding to public fears about the cars and the motorists attitude. There were an increasing number of accidents with pedestrians and the cars brakes were suspect. The original test was only going to be every ten years with a plan to expand this out over the next decade. It covered one point five million cars on the road at the time. The first test only covered lights, brakes and steering. If your car is up for its MOT Gloucester, Bristol, Bath, Swindon or wherever you are in the South West then there are plenty of options. A Gloucester MOT specialist is the best.

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The first test cost seventy five pence. Automobile organisations and publications were quick to encourage the other car owners of young models to do the same. They were clear, as were the government, that this was going to be expanded.

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Most publications assured motorists that they had nothing to fear from the test. If motorists had made sure that the car was well maintained it would pass easily. Autocar warned that if this wasn’t followed through and a certificate gained it would be impossible to get insurance or able to use the car on public roads.